Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mummy Cupcakes

I never really get in the spirit of decorating for Halloween, but I am getting bored watching television all day and I had an itch to be creative.

You need to whip up a batch of marshmallow fondant for these cupcakes.  Most of the fondant you can leave white.  But if you have some black food coloring, you can color a small amount for the eyes. Oh, and wear some gloves when dealing with the black food coloring.  That's if you don't mind having scary discolored digits for a bit.

Roll out the white fondant until you reach the thickness you want.  I rolled mine out pretty thin.  I used an old biscuit cutter for the main shape of the mummy.

And for the eyes, I used piping tips.

If your fondant is a little dry, dab a small amount of water on the fondant to make the eyes stick.

Add a little stitching...

I used the Americolor Gourmet Writer pen.  You can always use your black food coloring and paint some stitching on if you like.

Now cut some thin strips of white fondant and place over the mummy face however you want.  Don't worry about being precise with your cuts.

Now take your biscuit cutter and cut the shape out again.

Scrape away the edges and "ta-da".  Frost your cupcakes and place this little cutie on top.

Now to figure out what to do with all this leftover white fondant.  Scary ghosts, anyone?

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