Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

33 chocolate bourbon pecan pies, 140 mini cupcakes, 15 dozen cookies, and 4 fondant cakes. That was my month of December and the first part of January.  Oh, and keeping up with these two.


The smallest pixie turns two this Friday and I need to start filling out paperwork to register my other pixie for kindergarten this year.  I can't believe how time flies when you are running around screaming "Don't sit on your brother!".

The first cake I did was based off the phone app Geometry Dash.  My neighbors loved it and so did everyone else in Red Lobster apparently.

I also made another game themed cake and this one was based off of Team Fortress 2.  My neighbor had absolutely no idea about the game that her son loves so I was able to play around with this one a little bit.  

I even made a cake topper in the form of the beloved "Sandvich" that one of the characters eats to replenish his health.

The last cake that I just completed was for a very special person in my life.  My grandmother turned 80 this past week and the family threw her a surprise birthday party.  When I called her on her birthday, and asked how she was doing, the first thing she said was she was sore from doing 2 hours of water aerobics that morning.  Yes, my 80 year old grandmother could kick my butt in the gym.  

My grandmother is an amazing woman.  She has bungee jumped with me and my brother.  She has jumped out of an airplane and gone white water rafting. She has traveled the world and yet knows everyone in our small hometown. She has taught swimming lessons for as long as I can remember.  She has taught so long that she is teaching people's grandchildren now.  I have watched her open her heart and home to people in AA.  She has been sober for 35 years now and has seen people at their lowest.  And it doesn't turn her away from helping someone in need. 

She volunteers with the Red Cross teaching CPR and life guarding courses.  She volunteers with the Special Olympics.  She has won medals of all kinds swimming in the senior Olympics.  And she was just inducted in to the Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame.  

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is who you strive to be when you get older.  

Happy 80th Birthday Maga!