Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ready for something healthy?  Well...kinda healthy.  I still have to throw chocolate in there.  

My husband bought a container of granola at one of the fancy stores the other week and then was shocked when they asked 10 dollars for the thing.  I made a suggestion that I could make granola for him instead.  Especially when most mixes always have something I don't like and you spend the whole time picking around that said thing and then you are left with a container of just that.  

So I started by asking my husband what he wanted in the granola and here are his requests.  

Raisins, old-fashioned oats, chocolate chips, and almonds.  I used 2 cups of the oats and a half a cup for everything else.  You can always go with your own ratio here.  And of course, you can always add in other things like dried cranberries.

For the seasoning of the oats, combine the following ingredients in a bowl:

1 1/2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoons of vanilla
1 teaspoon of salt
1/4 cup of brown sugar
a little more than a 1/3 cup of honey
1/4 cup of maple syrup

Now take the the oats and almonds and pour them into the liquid.

Mix really well and then spread the oats and almonds onto a baking sheet covered in parchment paper.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes.  Stir the mixture half-way through.  Once the 20 minutes is up, let the oats cool completely.  Once the oats are cooled, then you can stir in the chocolate chips, raisins, and other dried fruit you want.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Brownies

Grab a glass a milk and meet me by the oven.  You will need the milk for these extra chocolaty super dense brownies.

There are two parts for these puppies.  For the cream cheese mixture, you will need

1 egg, beaten
1 block of cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup of caster sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips

In a mixer, combine the beaten egg and cream cheese together.  While that is mixing, add in the caster sugar and vanilla.  Once the cheese is light and fluffy, fold in the chocolate chips and set aside. Easy right?

For the brownie portion, you will need

4 ounces of bittersweet chocolate
1 stick of unsalted butter
3/4 cup of light brown sugar, packed
2 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup of all purpose flour

Now using a double boiler, melt down the chocolate and butter.  Once the two are melted, pull the bowl off the heat and set it to the side to cool a little.  This is important because you don't want to cook the eggs when you add them in.  But first, add in your brown sugar and stir until it is incorporated.

Now add in your eggs slooowly.  Seriously, don't rush this part.  Once the eggs are stirred in, fold in your flour and your mixture will start to thicken up instantly.

Now grab your greased baking pan.  For this recipe, you can use a smaller pan.  Mine is 9 x 6.

Add in 2/3 of your chocolate mixture.

Now dump in your cream cheese mixture, followed by the remaining chocolate mixture.

Grab a knife or toothpick and start swirling.

Bake the brownies at 325 degrees for about 35 minutes.  Let the brownies cool for a bit before cutting them into squares.  Oh!  And don't forget that glass of milk.  You will thank me later for it.  

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Parmesan Rosemary Scones

For these wonderfully delicious and fragrant little triangles of awesomeness, you will need the following:

2 cups of self rising flour
pinch of salt
teaspoon of baking powder
2 teaspoons of chopped rosemary
1/4 cup of grated parmesan
1/4 cup of unsalted butter, chopped and chilled
2/3 cup of milk
egg wash

Sift together your flour, salt, and baking powder in a bowl.  Stir in the rosemary and parmesan cheese.  Add in your cold butter.  Now grab a big handful of flour and butter and rub your hands together.  You want to break up the butter and incorporate it into the flour.  Keep going until the butter is pea-sized chunks.

Now add the milk and stir with a spoon or use your hands.  You will end up with a sticky dough. Drop the dough onto a floured surface and knead very gently.  Roll or flatten the dough until it is about 1/2 - 3/4 inch thick.  You can either use a circle cutter or cut the dough into triangles.  I was taught in school that scones were triangle shaped.  You can cut them into hexagon shapes if it makes you happy!

Brush the scones with egg wash before placing them in the oven.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Parmesan Rosemary Scones - Print Recipe

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Double Fudge Oreo Crunch Cookies

I told you I would bring back the sweets in no time.  The day I had our baby I came across a website called How Sweet It Is.  And I started to drool over these cookies.

So go ahead.  Check out her site. The best part about this recipe is there is a ton of Oreos remaining afterwards.  So I will sit here and indulge in my Oreos while you read.

Go on.  There is nothing to see here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bring on the sweets!!

Sorry for the long delay in recipes.  I have been tending to some rather important business lately.

Our little baking pixie was born last week.  And as I am slowly getting accustomed to being a new mom and the 2 AM feedings, I will slowly bring back back the sweets.  Don't worry.  You don't have to wait too long.  Today's grocery run allowed me to stock up on sugar, vanilla extract, and Oreos.

See you soon.