Friday, June 22, 2012

Sugar Peony

I have had this tutorial and these metal cutters on my mind for a while now.

I got the cutters at Global Sugar Art a few months ago.  I just checked their site and they don't seem to have the same exact set.  But they have quite a few to choose from.  

There are quite a few things you need for this to work.

     -I bought the pre-made gumpaste at Michaels with my 20% off coupon, thank you very much.
food color if needed
foam pads
ball tool
flower petal cutters
small rolling pin
water or gum glue
small styrofoam ball
metal wire

I basically followed the tutorial mentioned above but just improvised here and there.  First thing you have to do to your gumpaste is roll it out as thin as you can possible get it.  The cornstarch helps here so the paste doesn't stick to everything.

I used the smallest cutter and cut about 8 petals out.  Use the ball tool around the edges to make them all "crinkly".

Now start layering them around the styrofoam ball making sure they overlap each other.  This is where your water or gum glue comes in handy.  It helps the petals stick to the styrofoam and each other.

Then cut out 5-6 petals of the next flower size.  Continue to layer.  Go up to the next size and cut another 5-6 petals.  Remember to make them all ruffly there with the tool.

You will soon start to see your flower emerge.

If you have to take a break, make sure to hang your flower upside down.  The gumpaste is still too soft at this point to keep it upright and soon your petals will start to wilt.

Use the largest cutter and make 8-10 petals for the final stage.  Once the petals are attached, let the flower dry upside down for a few hours.

Carefully turn over and place the flower in a safe spot.  At this point, you can tweak the flowers petals to make the bloom fuller.  I placed a small piece of tinfoil in between the petals.

Let the flower dry overnight and the next if needed. The flower can be very thick and heavy so drying will take a while.

Now I just need to find a cake to attach this pretty thing to.

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