Thursday, March 15, 2012

St. Paddy's Day Ruffled Cake

So I need to practice and make this one again.  But I feel the technique has potential.  Lots of potential.  

Start off with a yummy cake.  Whatever flavor you are feeling will work.  I'm not going to judge.  I was feeling a chocolate cake with a mini chocolate chip vanilla frosting filling.  I stacked three layers for this cake and then applied a thin layer of frosting to the outside.

Make a batch of marshmallow fondant. I colored mine three different colors for a gradient look.

Roll out a circle big enough to cover the top and go down the sides about an inch.  Sorry I don't have a picture of this.  Then roll out the fondant in small batches and simply cut strips out.  I made mine a little wavy on one side.

Dab a small amount of water on the side of the cake where you fondant is overlapping on the top. Place the bottom of the strips around your cake where you applied the water.  It will help it stick better.  You can frill out the top of the fondant strip if you like so it looks more ruffled.  Continue down the cake until you have filled up the sides.

You can try to do ONE long strip around the cake if you are feeling ambitious.  But I stuck with smaller strips for this first cake.

Like I said, I need more practice.  But I have a feeling my old co-workers won't mind one bit.

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