Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Will Travel for Food

Mr. Baking Pixie and I are back from our holiday travels.  We spent time with family, got snow on Christmas morning, and ate way too much.  But that's the point of the holidays, right?

The first stop on our trip was Savannah.  We had never been so we decided to make a day of it.  We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast.  If you are ever in Savannah, check out The Azalea Inn.  The rooms are gorgeous, it's within walking distance of everything, and they have the cutest little yorkie named Joey.

Our first sweet stop was the Wright Square Cafe.  I got a chocolate truffle filled with Bailey's ganache.  

Our next stop was Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium.  It's a little bit of a tongue twister, but we got two cupcakes.  We both love chocolate, but Mr. Baking Pixie isn't too fond of frosting.  So he got a plain chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting.  Mine was chocolate with a raspberry cream cheese frosting.  Note to self: Learn how to make raspberry cream cheese icing.

And then on our way home, we stopped in Chattanooga for the night.  We went to the aquarium, got some BBQ, and ate some more cupcakes.  This time we stopped in a little shop called Chattanooga Cupcakes.

Mr. Baking Pixie got a lemon cupcake.  It was made even better because of the mountain of lemon cream cheese icing.

I got a (big surprise) chocolate cupcake.  But this wasn't your average chocolate cupcake.  I got a chocolate "overload" cupcake. It was a chocolate cake, with a ganache center, with chocolate buttercream frosting, topped with chocolate shavings.  My skinny jeans are getting thrown into the back of my closet until I can work this one off.  

So that concludes our cupcake adventures.  Now that the holidays are over and we are safely back home...let the baking commence.  I have autographed Paula Deen cookbooks calling my name.  

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