Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodies in the St. Pete Area

For those very few people who read my blog, (Hi, my five followers!) here are some treats that we picked up today.  If you live in the St. Petersburg area, we had a new store that opened up on 4th Street.  I have never been in The Fresh Market before....but I will be visiting so much more now.

They had me snagged pretty much when we walked through the door, but then I smelled these....

fresh rosemary with sea salt rolls.  They have been invited to dinner tonight.

Then right next door to all the bread was my weakness.....the bakery.  We proceeded to pick up a peanut butter explosion cupcake

and a triple chocolate cupcake.  I think I actually gasped when I spotted this one. 

To finish off our adventure around the store, we ended up in the candy aisle...where we snagged a bag of these suckers.  Let me introduce you to peanut butter milk chocolate malt balls.  

If you have never been in The Fresh Market, I suggest you see if they have one nearby.   They had a huge selection of fresh fruit and veggies and a spice aisle that made me drool.

Also, if you live in the St. Petersburg area, check out Mazzaro's Italian Market on 22nd Avenue and Rollin Oats on 9th Street.   If your recipe calls for an unusual ingredient, these stores might just have it.

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  1. mmm, those pb and chocolate malt balls look super yummy!