Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another busy summer ahead

Thanks to friends and family, I have been super busy with cakes lately.  I have had at least a cake a week, if not two.  And word keeps spreading.  Not that I am complaining.  I love meeting new people and talking cake!

I got to make another grooms cake for a family friend a few weeks ago.  Navy luster dust was used to paint the Patriots football logo onto the cake.  I finished off the edge by cutting out names of players (and coach) that the groom loved.  The Patriots are a big thing in this house.  Not for me....but for my husband and his family it is. Being from the Boston area, I am pretty sure it is in their DNA to love this team.  I, on the otherhand, will choose to scrub floor boards over watching the Patriots.  Unless Julian Edelman is talking...then I might sneak a peak at the television now and then.

The second cake for that weekend was for my awesome little neighbor who turned 10.  Think pixie fairy combined with Hermione Granger when it comes to this one. She is smart, tough as nails, and beautiful to watch as she is growing up.  She is also quite the little artist.

I was able to recreate some of her artwork and frame it on the cake.  I was able to see pictures from her birthday party and seeing the picture when she sees her cake for the first time was pretty awesome.

I was also able to squeeze in our traditional Easter cake.  Ever since we moved to North Carolina, I have been making cakes for our family dinner.  This cake was made in between egg hunts, trolley pub tours, and fun with the family.  Out of all the cakes I have made this year, this is one of my favorites.

The last cake I am going to show you was for another neighbor who turned 12.  She wanted an "Alice in Wonderland" cake and was very specific about her ideas.  She even came prepared with pictures and colors for me when it came time to discuss the specifics.  It was my most ambitious cake to date and I am not looking forward to doing that much detail work again anytime soon.

Next up, I get to make a first communion cake and a Nike sneaker grooms cake! And I made some absolutely delicious dark chocolate banana muffins that I will hopefully get to post about soon.  I hope everyone is having a great big busy Spring!

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